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My Services



I provide counseling/psychotherapy for adults and couples by tele-health using a secure Zoom link. Click here for details on my approach to individual counseling. 


I accept reimbursement from insurances including VT Medicaid, BCBS, MVP, Cigna, and others. If insurance is not an option, then depending on a person's circumstances, I charge between $50 and $100 an hour on a sliding scale. Call for an appointment (802) 258-8313. 

Continuing Education & Professional Development

I provide training for professionals interested in learning or deepening their skills with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I teach Continuing Education credit-earning seminars  for therapists and case managers. My workshops are fun and interactive, teaching and practicing core processes of psychological flexibility. I also  provide training using the ACT Matrix--a tool widely applicable to a variety of therapeutic approaches. Call me to arrange for a training in your practice setting. 

Charlie's Youtube Educational Videos

Prosocial: The Science of Working Better Together

I am a trained facilitator of Prosocial. Prosocial is a package of skills drawn from the social science of Elinor Ostrom, the behavioral insights of ACT, and the study of the evolutionary biology of cooperative species.

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